Roman Shades

Instantly Elevate Style

Roman Shades instantly elevate a room’s style. Sometimes called Fabric Shades, their cascade of fabric adds visual warmth while gently diffusing lights. Mix and match colors and prints with existing furnishings and choose from a range of sheer to opaque fabrics to match any interior — elegant, casual, eclectic, modern, traditional or transitional.

Our roman shades are:

  • Timelessly designed
  • Offers unobstructed views and becomes a valance when raised
  • Complements beautifully many of our other products
  • Dramatic statements with color, pattern and fabric choices
  • Super easy to operate

The seven styles of roman shades

Click any thumbnail to open our sliding Roman Shade gallery.

Endless fabric choices

Any of our 180 Natural Woven Materials and 200 Fabrics can be made into the roman shade style of your choice.

  • Solids – Weofferplain fabrics with very subtle textures, available in many colors and opacity levels.
  • Patterns and Textures – Our fabrics range from bold fashion prints to jacquard woven and natural textures.
  • Screens and Sheers – We offer elegant sheer fabric weaves which reduce glare while maintaining the view out your window. Some screen fabrics have an opacity percentage which indicates the amount of UV light which can come through the fabric. The lower the percentage, the less UV light will come though the fabric.
  • Trimmings — We offer a wide variety of gimp, tape, beading and other decorative accents.