Natural Woven Shades

From Runway to Window

Natural Woven ShadesWindows with Natural Woven Shades are truly fashion forward, expressing an easy confidence in interior design while creating a warm color pallet with their rich, natural materials – perfect for any Floridian home.

Unlike most common woven shade retailers, with Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters you can custom create your woven shades with over 150 stunning patterns of hand-selected materials — many of which are designed by and woven exclusively by Horizons — including bamboo, reeds, shades made with exotic grasses as well as woven blends.

Our easy customization allows you to create the perfect look for any room you are sure to love.

Natural material options

All natural woven materials used in these window shades are globally sourced, renewable and environmentally responsible.

Natural woven shades

Fine weave grasses

These supple materials are woven on hand-fed looms for the utmost natural elegance, soft drape and a fine fabric-like feel. In your windows, their airy nature allows air to circulate and light to gently dapple your room. If you prefer a bit more privacy, just add Privacy or Blackout Lining.

Woven blends

Intricate weaves combining reeds, bamboos and grasses to create rich hues and exceptional textural detail. Like all our natural woven treatments, these materials are harvested from renewable, sustainable plants that grow quickly, with few pesticides or fertilizers, and without displacing native crops or forests.

Bamboo and matchsticks

Our bamboos include both traditional tortoise-shell effects and unique variegated weaves. If you prefer a tighter weave matchstick look, we offer thin slat reeds, bamboos and mesh effects in a variety of colorations. Every style features matchless quality, attention to detail and durable construction.

Features and benefits

Enhance any style of natural woven shades with decorative and functional upgrades you won’t find in woven shades offered anywhere else.

  • Edge and Inset Accents™ Banding – Our shades may be made with a 2-inch wide fabric strip laminated to the edges and/or bottoms of the shade and valance. They are laminated to the front of the shade/valance and do not wrap around to show from behind. Edge Accents may be made from any of the hundreds of fabrics in our Horizons Soft Treatments Collection or even your own supplied materials.In addition to being offered on the edge of the shade, banding may also be inset from the edge 2″ for a distinctly different look.
  • Motorization – All our natural woven shades are available with either battery powered motors or A/C (plug-in) powered motors.
  • Linings — Privacy or Blackout lining is available on any Horizons Natural Woven Shade. The face of the lining is color-coordinated to the shade color. The back (exterior) side is white.
  • Decorative Trimmings — Fringes, gimps, beads and tassels are available as beautiful accents across the bottom of the shade and/or valance.
  • Arches & Angles – Arches and angles are no problem; we can create shades for any shape.
  • Contempo Scallops –Add visual interest in a traditional way to either the bottom of the valance or the bottom of your shades. Your choice of six elegant patterns are cut from the bottom and trimmed.

Naples Bay Woven Shades