Quality, Innovation with Every Slat

From the headrail and slats, to the hardware and bottom rail – no other blind packs as much technology, quality and attention to safety as hardwoo, metal and vertical blinds.

Why choose blinds?

The only way to build a blind that lasts is to use the finest materials and hardware components from top to bottom and to employ the most advanced manufacturing practices from start to finish. Our high-quality blinds provide durability and reliability — vital in any window covering.

  • Natural toughness: slats resist denting and scratching for the long haul
  • Privacy:  minimal light leakage, smoother operation and tighter closure are available
  • Slats won’t shift or slide out of the blind
  • Patented cord release device for child and pet safety
  • All materials are lead free, V.O.C. free and without any harmful chemicals 

Why blinds are a smart investment:

Tightest Closure
Slats lay flatter and tighter for the long haul, with no tugging required. Plus slats won’t fall out, ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Less Light Leakage
SmartPrivacy TM feature offers perfect slat alignment and tighter, flatter closure for less light leakage between slats. For a darker room, less glare, and a better night’s sleep!

Ultimate In Privacy
The advanced patented SmartPrivacy™ construction means you won’t find rout holes that can compromise privacy.

Child & Pet Safe
Every year, many injuries occur because children and pets get tangled up in the cords of blinds. Our device is a foolproof solution to provide a safe environment for your family.

Available blind styles:

  • Hardwood |  Precision crafted from the finest North American hardwoods, including genuine oak and cherry,  genuine woods blinds exude tradition and character. Our exclusive finishes provides longstanding protection against everyday wear, including fading, moisture, chemicals and scratching. Other natural materials available include bamboo, reeds and grasses.
  • Metals  |   Sleek and agile, modern and chic, aluminum and steel blinds are designed for those on the move. Available in a spectrum of current colors and finishes, aluminum and steel blinds is a practical solution offering contemporary refinement with heavy-duty function for your ever-changing lifestyle.
  • Verticals  Blinds  |  Vertical blinds offer a large selection of vinyl, fabric and aluminum styles with an equally wide range of colors, textures and patterns. Featuring a contoured headrail, easy operation and superior light control, vertical blinds are an ideal solution for everything from sliding glass doors to bay windows.

Blinds and shutters

Our award-winning wood blind options coordinate beautifully with our full line of shutters. This creates the opportunity for you to place shutters and blinds in the same room, joining rooms or in opposite sides of your house, without losing any design or style integrity. Your windows your way!

Some of our Leading Designer Brands Include:

 NORMAN-window-fashions  LOUVOLITE